Pick My Project suicide action plan initiative wins support from Bendigo community

We are incredibly humbled and excited to announce the Bendigo community has voted in support of our Bendigo Suicide Prevention Action Plan in the State Government's Pick My Project initiative.

Words cannot describe the gratitude we have for you the people of Bendigo who saw the potential in our project and voted in support.

The hard work now begins.

Rest assured we will put everything into making your vote count by getting this program off the ground and educating the community on how to identify people struggling and most importantly the best way to ensure they get the right help.

All the projects submitted to Pick My Project were so worthy and we would like to acknowledge everyone who put in the hard work to submit their idea.

We understand how fortunate we are to get the trust of the Bendigo community and will now start of process of getting our project up and running with the aim of saving lives in our great community.

Please stay tuned for updates on our progess and thank you once more to everyone who supported us.