Tough Times From The Heart

Tough Times From The Heart is in partnership with Tobin Brothers.

Tough Times From The Heart, promoting greater awareness of suicide prevention, focuses on the lived experience of four individuals who share their incredible stories and insights with journalist and broadcaster Justin Smith.

Designed to reduce stigma around suicide and encourage people who are experiencing suicidality and those closest to them to reach out, Tough Times From The Heart is authentic, confronting, and much-needed insight into the stories behind the statistics.

The videos give viewers insights into the experiences of those dealing with their own suicidality, their loss of loved ones from suicide, and how these experiences are being used to help others see themselves through tough times.

Tough Times From The Heart is a library of video resources available for any person or organisation to use to educate others and themselves, saving lives.  Each speaker in the series has three videos available, short, medium and extended video files.

If your organisation would like to access these resources in an MP4 file format for your own website or presentation, please contact us here. 


The Speakers

Alannah McGregor

Since the tragic suicides of two of her children, Angela and Stuart, Alannah has worked tirelessly to raise awareness of suicide prevention and educate others on what we can do to help those who are struggling.

Alannah shares with us her experiences of losing loved ones to suicide, and how painful the silence of others can be.

Preview Alannah's interview below, and access the extended interviews here.












Jed Zimmer

Showing a brave face in public, Jed struggled with crippling anxiety behind closed doors. He allowed his mental health struggles to consume him for years before reaching out, admitting he might not be here today if he hadn’t spoken up. 

Now Jed shares his story to encourage others to reach out and get help, especially those who are feeling suicidal.

Preview Jed's interview below, and access the extended interviews here.


Warren Davies

As a farmer, Warren’s struggle was intensified by the impacts of drought and the isolation of life on the farm. His mental health was further impacted by feelings of loneliness and shame.

It wasn’t until he reached out he realised that he was far from alone in his struggle, and his resilience and determination has earned him the title, ‘The Unbreakable Farmer’.

Preview Warren's interview below, and access the extended interviews here.


Dr Skye Kinder

Dr Skye Kinder is a regional mental health professional who has a passion for showing people there is help for them and changing the way we talk about suicide.

While Dr Kinder admits there are certainly challenges for those navigating support services, she also points out the importance of getting help sooner, to make that process easier and prevent issues developing further.

Preview Skye's interview below, and access the extended interviews here.