Suicide Prevention Awareness Network (SPAN)
Bendigo and Central Victoria

Thanks for visiting the pages of the Suicide Prevention Awareness Network (SPAN) for Central Victoria. The network is based in Bendigo but services the region of Central Victoria. You can read more about who we are and our history in the About Us pages.

What Does SPAN Do?

SPAN organises an annual suicide awareness walk through the streets of Bendigo on the third Sunday of March each year.

In past years people from across Victoria have embraced Bendigo’s SPAN walk with more than 500 participating. This number is growing all the time. The day event includes a community barbecue, live music and the opportunity to seek help from counsellors. It is also designed to get people talking about suicide and encourage people to seek help. Everyone is invited to join in the walk to raise awareness of suicide. There is no charge to participate in the walk.

Participants are invited to place butterfly cut-outs on a memorial wall to enable those who have been touched by suicide to remember loved ones, friends, work colleagues and school mates.

Key Aims

  • To raise community awareness and demystifying suicide
  • To conduct an annual community walk in the Bendigo CBD
  • To advocate for support, prevention, awareness and education regarding suicide 

Statement of Purpose

SPAN's Statement of Purpose explains exactly what we are trying to do for our community, not only here in Bendigo itself, but throughout the Central Victorian region and beyond.

"The committee is committed to raising awareness in the community about the incidence and impact of suicide in the Bendigo region. 

 Our aim is to encourage the community and individuals to talk about suicide and demystify what is often a hidden issue in our society and to raise issues relating to prevention and wellbeing.

 Raising community awareness about prevention and the impact of suicide is designed to encourage everyone to look out for each other and to seek support when necessary."

How Can You Participate?

You can participate with SPAN in several ways. If you want to take it a step further, you can actually join SPAN the organisation. You can join as an organisation or as an individual. Please use the contact us page to lodge your interest. As a member you can stand for a committee position and also have a say in how the organisation is run. We are always looking for people to participate in SPAN at whatever level they feel comfortable. Your involvement helps us in our mission to create awareness around suicide and prevent deaths by suicide.  What are you waiting for? Put your toe in the water and join up! We certainly look forward to welcoming you aboard.